The story behind the company



           Founded in 2018 in the heart of New York City, Peetal & Carissa was made to inspire ones vision for their home along with boosting the confidence of fashion conscious  women who aspire to make a statement in all aspects of their life.

 Our story began with a surprise encounter where two British women with the same vision, ambition and drive happened to meet in the lobby of their condominium building. It all started with a fabulous night out on a rooftop bar overlooking the view of the empire state building in New York City. Marveled by the glitz and glamour of this vibrant city, we began talking about our lives back home in London and the transition to New York City and all that it had to offer. As we were sitting people watching on awkward first dates, drinking cocktails and enjoying some delicious appetizers we realized our common interest on how beautiful life can be when you are styled to perfection. This was how Peetal and Carissa was founded. 

We believe beauty begins the moment you decide to be your unique self. Peetal and Carissa will be your go to guide for capturing your unique self on how to make you and your home glamorous.  

 We are extremely excited to share with you our first homeware launch and we truly hope this line inspires you the way it did us. Each piece has been designed from scratch and carefully finalized to ensure it captures the elegance that the brand stands for.

Peetal & Carissa invite you to follow our journey and to live your best life along with us.